Beer sting

There's nothing more irritating that spraying the legs and arms with mozzie repellent and after a few hours getting bitten. It takes the fun out of the outdoors activity. Mozzie expert, entomologist Dr Cameron Webb has released his Australian research. He points out that some repellents are more effective than others.
The most effective contain the chemicals diethyltoluamide or picaridin. These provide the longest protection.
The least effective contain plant extracts like citronella or tea tee oil. These need to be applied more frequently.
Also, his research shows that mosquitoes are attracted to people drinking beer or wearing sweet floral perfume. This probably accounts for why beer drinking women seem to get bitten more.


  1. My wife Barbie likes an ale or 2 in the great outdoors and she seems to get stung more than me. Maybe it is her perfume. In the name of research I'll get to stop using strong perfume and have her switch to a white wine.


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