Wildlife hospital

Wildlife Hospital

The other night I found a young rainbow lorikeet by the road side.
It was not looking too good and had ants on it.
I took it home and placed it in a small cage that I keep in the shed; for such emergencies.
I was sure the bird would die that night.
The next morning there was renewed life, but it still looked crook.
So I took it to the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital @ 282 Anzac Highway, Plympton.
They provide a free service to native birds and animals.
It is next door to a Vet who provides assistance.
Check out their website www.akawhospital.org.au
Whilst there I asked for and was given a tour of the hospital.
Patients in care were:
  • A galah
  • A magpie
  • Many tawny frog mouth owls
  • A kookaburra
  • Many koalas, including the mother and baby shown on their website
The hospital is a fantastic success and provides great service through the dedication of a team of volunteers. All of the medical equipment (eg. X-ray) is donated by hospitals and medical companies.
I urge you to:
  • Become a volunteer
  • Make a donation
  • Provide fresh gum leaves on a regular basis for the koalas
  • Advertise the above by word of mouth ie. tell your friends
I have been advised that the rainbow lorikeet is recovering.
When all of the animals are well enough they are sent to carers who provide rehabilitation prior to release to the wild.


  1. A nice story. I hope the bird recovers.
    Wish I had gum leaves that I could donate for the koalas.


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