Male vs. Female brain

In The Advertiser today there was an article on how to tell if you have a male brain or a female brain. It said ...

You have a male brain if you:
  • Like to make to do lists
  • Answer honestly when asked 'does my bum look big in this?'
  • Prefer to read non-fiction
  • Notice grammatical errors
  • Find maps easy to read

You have a female brain if you:K
  • Find it easy to chat to someone you have just met
  • Can sense when you are intruding
  • Lack interest in the technical details of a new computer, camera or other gadget
  • Focus on the beauty of a painting rather than the artist's technique
  • Have little interest in the dates of historical events

Interesting, but not surprising.
By the above criteria I definitely have a male brain with bit of a female brain as a bonus.
BTW I did notice and fixed a grammatical error in the newspaper's article.


  1. Is that where they get the saying, " He's a bit of a girl " ?

    1. Maybe.
      But there is nothing wrong with having some of the positive attributes of the female brain.

  2. Good to see that the girls have more going for us


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