Wind the clock back

Today's media has described South Australians as reeling in embarrassment over the SA Government abandoning its push to move the SA clock forward 30 minutes to eastern standard time ie. the same as Sydney and Melbourne.
Months ago (on 19 March 2015) I blogged on the matter; see a link below.
Months ago the Premier Jay Weatherill (and architect of the ill-feted proposal MP Martin Hamilton-Smith) should have listened to my opinion and that of the majority of SA.
Well that's the end of it.
No it isn't.
Now Family First MP Robert Brokenshire will move a private members bill to wind the clocks back half an hour to SA's true meridian central standard time. It's a time zone that SA has never used, but it is the natural time zone (based on the sun) for the State.
This proposal will get the support of the influential remote west cost farmers.
I'm not opposed to it (as it would mean that it wouldn't get as hot so early in the morning) but I doubt that the SA Parliament will give it more than a second of time.


  1. You are tick tock right on this matter.
    It was a stupid idea upfront.
    I wouldn't mind the clock going back half an hour.

  2. Just leave it as it is.
    We get up as the sun breaks and there's enough light at the end of the day.

  3. Wind it back 30 minutes to be in tune with the sun.
    Then it would be local time.


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