Wrong perfume

The other day I joined a table of other people for a meeting. I sat next to a woman I knew. We have often passed idle chatter and shared experiences. But, something was wrong and I wished that I had sat elsewhere.

The perfume she was wearing was strong and just didn’t suit her; it wasn’t her. In fact, the scent was too old for her. Thinking about it, I would not have found it pleasant on an older woman.

I remember some years back at work, in separate incidents, I passed some honest comments to a couple of women about the colour of their tops. I’m into giving honest feedback; and sometimes it is unsolicited. Years later, and only recently, I was surprised to learn through a friend that those two women to whom I had provided feedback had never worn those tops again. One gave hers to the Salvos, the other handed it down to her sister. I sorta felt bad about it, but it quickly became a passing thought. Friends should be able to pass on honest feedback.

So, back to the woman sitting next to me. I felt uncomfortable throughout the meeting. I pondered if I should tell her that her perfume was making her unappealing. She would want to know, wouldn’t she? How would she take it? What would I do if someone told me that my after-shave did nothing for me? I’d probably be distraught; she probably would be too.

I thought again about those women who wouldn’t wear their tops again. That was a good outcome; wasn’t it? It didn’t suit them and they culled it from their wardrobe.
If I told her then she might stop using it and surely that would be a good outcome; for her and those in her social life. It was a tough call. I decided to bite the bullet, but instead bit my tongue and said nothing. I decided to deal with it at a later date, perhaps with a bit more diplomacy; and I believe I have a scheme that will work.


  1. Yr on very dangerous ground Bob

  2. an enjoyable tale
    love your bravery

  3. Have you considered the possibility that you might have a bad nose for perfumes?

    1. Yes, I did.
      But I totally discarded the thought.
      I believe that when it comes to scents, I have a rather discerning nose.

  4. Next time we meet please give me feedback on my new perfume.
    It has a lovely coconut fragrance.

  5. I do like that new coconut scent.
    It gives me tropical thoughts. I'll let you know.
    What I don't like is that pungent fruit (red berry?) perfume.
    It smells like a strong berry tea bag soaked in water. I don't know how people drink that stuff.

  6. I hope it wasn't me and my perfume

    1. No, Serena - it wasn't you.
      The question I now ask myself is 'if the woman to whom I am referring asks me if it was her, then do I answer honestly or do I just say no?'


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