Super Moon

I've blogged before about a Big Moon and Super Moon; search for moon on this blog.
On 29 August there will be a Big Moon and in September 2015 there will be a bigger (Super) Moon.

A super moon is a new or full Moon that very closely coincides with perigee,
the closest the Moon gets to Earth in its orbit. 
At this time and in the week before and after, there are enormous effects to Earth
and its people (us). Tides are bigger than usual - the gravitational change (from the pull of the Moon)
affects all on Earth; animals, people, plants, tides ...
It's a time when people are affected. They may act strangely; very strangely.
They may go a bit gar-gar and act a bit irrationally.
They may not quite be their normal self.
Watch out for your friends, family and colleagues.
If they aren't behaving normally then it might be due to the Moon.
It'll pass and happen again; and again; like the change of the tide.
You may need to just cut a bit of slack. Maybe just flow with the tide.


  1. The moon is just so huge at the moment.
    Very bright outside.
    The dog is barking at shadows.

  2. It's a good time for planting veggie seedlings.
    They respond better when planted on a full moon.

  3. I always plant veggies on the full moon.
    It makes a big difference and gives the plants an early boost.

  4. I reckon that over the past week there have been more dogs barking and howling at night.
    This big moon must be causing it.

    1. Sorry Paul but I don't think the big moon is causing the dogs to bark it would have to be Roy and Jenny out there at night planting their veggies and seedlings and generally spooking the dogs.


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