Good dog

Pets are wonderful companions and give us joy and unrelenting love.
They are so forgiving.
From a recent letter from the RSPCA ...

  • 47% of pets owned are dogs
  • 35% of pets are cats
  • 21% of pets are 'others' eg. birds and rabbits
A bit of a 3% error there, but RSPCA states that some people have combinations of pets.
From a recent survey ...

The top ten dog names are:
Bella, Molly, Ruby, Daisy, Lucy, Max, Charlie, Rosie, Bailey & Billy.

The top ten cat names are:
Missy, Molly, Smokey, Tiger, Lucy, Millie, Tigger, Bella, Charlie & Sooty.


  1. My grey kitten is called Smokey
    So cute


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