Samsung recall

I bought a new washing machine about 6-9 months ago.
It was a good brand and not a cheapie. It has performed well.
Yesterday, out of the blue I received an email from Samsung explaining that some of their washing machines had a slight problem and caught on fire.
This is not good in a home environment.
The email provided details of where to find the model and serial numbers and listed the models affected.
I printed the details and went out to the laundry to turn the machine around and check the details on the back.
Luckily, I firstly checked the front panel – I was hoping the model would be shown there.
I discovered that my machine is a Bosch.

So why did Samsung send me an email?

For those who are affected, Samsung assured me that the fix was simple and required a free in-home service check. If you have a Samsung then get it checked.