Bacon Week

This week is officially Australian Bacon Week ... who dreams up these things?
I mean we don't have a National Geranium Week do we? ... or maybe we do. There surely must be a register to show the themes, topics, subjects or charities that get recognised for a day or a week.

Back to bacon. It's the time to recognise the joy of bacon, especially properly smoked bacon. A burger is lacking without bacon (and beetroot) and there's nothing like hot bacon on toast. Add cracked black pepper and a dollop of real baked beans with a touch of chilli sauce and you have a gourmet meal; to be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Preparation time 5 minutes, cooking time 5 minutes and lingering satisfaction for the rest of the day.

It's a sad statistic that ~ 70% of pork sold in Australia is imported. What you buy at the supermarket is mostly imported. Don't buy it. Be wary of imported bacon. You have no idea of the hygiene and ethical controls. Only buy Australian grown and processed pork and bacon.

Do yourself a treat and visit butcher David Armstrong at Goodwood Quality Meats (on Goodwood Road) and try his real Aussie bacon that is smoked at the shop. His recent venture in smoking meats in-house is a success by my taste test ... and I've had a few samples of his experiments.

Wherever you buy your bacon (from butcher or supermarket) always check that it is Australian pork. Pay a little bit extra and buy local.


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