Who was that?

Quite often, when I attend functions and community events I get to meet politicians who I didn't know existed.
I'm fairly politically savvy and generally know who is who - at least I usually recognise a name or a face.
When it comes to State Government election time for the Upper House (aka. the Legislative Council) we can either number all the boxes below the line (which takes ages and days of advance preparation) or take the easy and unthinking method of simply marking 1 above the line.
By voting 1 above the line for Labor, Liberal, Palmer, Greens, Sex Party, Shooters, etc. you have no idea of what the outcome might be. Preferences come into play and numbers get crunched. The result is that several handfuls of unknown party men and women get elected to the Upper House. For the next 4-8 years these pollies remain relatively unknown to the community at large.
It can be a bit embarrassing when at some event, during idle chatter to someone you ask what they do and get told that they are an MP.
This also applies to most Federal Senators.
I must try some other idle chatter other than asking what someone does.

Tip: Vote below the line and know who you are voting for.

ps I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek given that most people can't identify their local Councillor or Mayor.