Sorry Babe

It’s all too easy these days to not communicate face to face and just use email or sms to tell someone you fancy them, wouldn't mind a bit of sex and then, later, to use email or sms to break-up.
Is there any guilt these days? Is it too awkward to just say in person ‘sorry Babe’?
These days it is just that much easier to do it online.
And, if you don’t have the guts and just want to quickly move on to the next relationship, then there is the option of outsourcing the task of saying sorry to Babe. Here’s a link to someone who will do the dirty deed
An sms or email to Babe will only cost you $5.50.
In fact you can outsource most dreaded tasks to someone else online.
Here’s some more information …
Breaking up is hard to do. So let someone else deal with it.
Remember when breaking up was hard to do? There were the teary speeches, the recriminations, the anguish at losing someone who meant a great deal to you.
Well, not anymore.
These days, with a bit of help from technology – that great enabler of emotional detachment – we can pay someone to do the dirty work for us.
Enter Australian business Sorry It’s Over, the work of Melbourne-based nurse Kristy Mazins who saw a gap in the emotional escape-clause market.
For as little as $5.50, Ms Mazins will send a text or email to the significant other you wish to render insignificant.
You can also have it done by phone ($12), snail mail ($13.50) or in person ($66), and if you want to send flowers it’ll set you back $77.
Or if you are feeling especially guilty you can opt for the sympathy hamper for $90, which comes with wine, chocolates, tissues, a written affirmation and, incongruously, a serving of peanuts.
“Why look them in the eye and watch the hurt?” the website states.
“No one wants to deal with all that screaming, sobbing, begging and emotional pleas of ‘just one more chance’.
“Let us sort out your relationship for you!”