Robot takes jobs

For some time now, people have talked about when robots will be taking our jobs. It is now claimed that in reality, they have already taken some of our jobs – we simply have not noticed.
We know what physical robots can do eg. tasks in car assembly; tasks that are easily programmed. These are tasks that help to make the workplace safer (for humans); who cares if a robot drops a welding hand-piece on its toe!
Now we have artificial intelligence robots that mimic what humans do. These are mostly software robots – and they are taking jobs from humans in droves. For example in the UK, the telecoms firm O2 has replaced 150 workers with a single piece of software. Typical tasks involved are Sim swaps, porting mobile numbers, migrating from prepaid onto a contract, unlocking a phone; now automated by software without human intervention.
The software (robot) isn't trained how to perform the tasks, rather it watches and then mimics the human tasks.
Another example is performing legal research for lawyers. It saves a huge expense (for the lawyer) and delivers more thorough research in much less time.


  1. Will it be long before robots can replace Mayors and Councillors?


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