Prawns please

For years we have been told and educated to eat certain foods in moderation. Most definitely we had to avoid food that thickens the arteries and causes heart disease a strokes. We were told to avoid eggs, and other high cholesterol food like butter, shellfish, bacon and liver.
It is now acknowledged that the scientific research was flawed.
Experts now say that there is no link between high cholesterol in food and high levels of fatty substance in the blood.
It's annoying ... all those years spent declining that second bucket of prawns.

The biggest danger these days is sugar. Its content is increasing in the food products and the consumer is mostly unaware. It's a killer.

The ideal diet is more prawns and shellfish and less sugar.

Source: The Advertiser, 27 May 2015.


  1. I'm back on the prawns with some buttered bread


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