Mars ideas

It seems that we are definitely going to Mars – or at least we are planning to do so.
I say ‘we’ in the global sense.
Who will be those chosen few; a handful of people destined to never return to Earth.
I won’t be going, but I’d happily nominate a few people.

NASA is getting quite innovative about the project. It is seeking bright ideas on survival on Mars. The agency has announced it is offering three US $5,000 (AUD $6,260) rewards for the best ideas on “establishing a sustained human presence” on the planet.

I’ll certainly give it some thought and submit a few ideas.
A couple that spring to mind are:
  • Establish a local library
  • Install cycle lanes
  • Ensure that dogs and cats are micro-chipped

Here's a link to the story


  1. Don't forget ticket machines for commuter parking


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