Unley tree slash

I blogged earlier about the approaching prune/slash of street trees across Unley.
This will be performed by SA Power Networks (SAPN) in accordance with legislation to minimise the risk of fire starting due to tree branches contacting the low and high voltage wires. They are meant to do this every 3 years. It is now 5 years since the last prune and consequently the effect will be more evident.
Councils can do nothing to prevent the prune. However, Unley Council will provide arborists who will guide the pruning teams in difficult situations. In some cases, when a tree is deemed to to be irreparably damaged (by heavy pruning) the tree will be immediately removed.
There will be a lot of concern and anger expressed by residents.
Council can do nothing to reduce the pruning. Absolutely nothing!
Please direct concern to your local MP eg. Steph Key and David Pisoni.
(To be fair, they too can do nothing as the pruning is governed by legislation and regulation.)

Below are 2 maps showing the trees to be pruned in Goodwood Ward.
The blue dots indicate heavy pruning around the high voltage wires.
The green dots indicate mostly lighter pruning around the low voltage wires.

If you don't live in Goodwood Ward, then contact your local Councillor to get a map for your area.
Ask them to blog the map.

Councillor Bob Schnell
Goodwood Ward, City of Unley


  1. That's one hell of a prune.
    Looks like most trees will get cut.

  2. There will be a 3m wide hole cut through the tree around each high voltage wire.
    It will absolutely devastate the streetscape.


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