Pink Tax

You have to feel sorry for the women.
They do like to shop and snap up the bargains and buy nice things.
Now we find that quite often they’re being conned and paying what’s called a Pink Tax; it’s really an inflated price for an item specifically targeted at females.
Take the case of under-arm deodorant. There really is no reason why women can’t use a product labelled for Men. Deodorant is just deodorant. But they don’t and instead buy a very similar product labelled for Women. Quite often the inflated price difference is huge. Women using Men’s deodorant could always add a spray or dab of perfume to change the scent of the deodorant.
This price difference is the Pink Tax.


  1. yeah I know we girls get ripped off
    but i will still pay that little extra for my girly things like deodorant

  2. I'm not going to wear men's deodorant with a dab of perfume.
    I will pay that bit extra.


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