Easter chocolate

Easter is a special celebration.
For some it is more spiritual.
For all (I suspect) it means giving, receiving and eating chocolate.
The downside is the calories we pile on.

Here are some sad statistics.

One Cadbury Mini Easter Egg (3.3g) is 16 calories, so ten of these are 160 calories. Below is a chart of activities showing how long it takes to burn off 10 mini Easter Eggs.

Activity                                        Men*            Women**
Running (15 km/hr)                      7.5 minutes  10 minutes
Cycling (less than 16.1 km/hr)     30 minutes   40 minutes
Walking (4.82 km/hr)                   37 minutes   47 minutes
*   Based on an average male, 175.6 cm and 85.9 kg
** Based on an average female, 161.8 cm and 71.1 kg

If you're going to indulge, then I recommend Haigh's dark chocolate.
Supposedly, dark chocolate is more healthy ... and it goes well with red wine.


  1. Are you sure about these figures? I will be walking all day over Easter.

  2. It is so awful. Why are all the good things so bad for you?


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