Political games

I met with a Labor Federal politician recently at a function.
We passed pleasantries, as you do.
Talked about issues and what's happening in the Federal sphere.
He/She took pride in telling me about being evicted from Federal Parliament by the Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop.
For Labor pollies, it seems to be a right of passage (and getting a bit of street cred) to be evicted from Parliament for bad behaviour.
Then again, if Labor were in power, the Liberals would be taking pride in getting evicted.
In the State Parliament, again the MPs take turns in being evicted for bad behaviour.

Moving on to the Local sphere in SA to the monthly Council meetings ...
There's more dignity and discipline.
Members are not lining up to get evicted.
There's no street cred to be gained.
Says a lot about local politics and perhaps the lack of party influence in Councils (in SA).


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