Fringe tram

Last night I enjoyed another night at the Fringe. Two shows on either side of town. And then a trip home on the tram. We were packed in like sardines in a can. The tram would have to be the most popular (and crowded) public transport in Adelaide.
Anyway, back on the tram ...
An intoxicated Asian woman got on.
She was on her mobile talking very loud, having a one-way conversation. The poor person at the other end. She was oblivious to the world around her. Totally immersed in her conversation.
Actually, she had been at our tram stop and had been on the phone for 10 minutes, perhaps longer.
A third of the tram followed her conversation with interest and laughter. One person near me very nearly wet herself.
From the conversation ...
The woman had recently got a dog - one of those fluffy shitzu type.
She was worried about her dog being left alone at home in the dark (without any lights on). Someone had told her that dogs are colour blind. (Which is true.)
She rationalised that because the dog is colour blind (which she didn't believe) it could not see at night - how could it if it was colour blind?
She envisaged it walking around in the dark bumping into everything.
She was howling like the dog would have been while bumping into things in the dark.
She had been to Bunnings and bought a timer switch to turn on a light at night. The trouble was that the LED was not working on the switch and the light wouldn't come on. She couldn't understand the instructions in the manual (probably written by someone with a poor grasp of English). She would be taking the device back to Bunnings.
Her friend on the phone (poor thing) offered some advice and obviously challenged what she was saying, especially the dog not being able to see at night.
The woman was oblivious to the laughter from the crowded passengers.
The same loud phone conversation droned on and on and on. She kept looping back to the start of the story and repeating it.

When I got off the tram 15 minutes later she was still at it.

It was one of the best free 'Fringe Festival' shows I had seen.
Being on the tram made it that bit more special.

For the record - yes, dogs are colour blind and despite this they do have some night vision (better than us), certainly enough to avoid bumping into things.
Being colour blind doesn't mean that you can only see things with the light on.


  1. Sounds like it was an entertaining tram ride.
    Wish I were there.

  2. What a hoot!
    Luv the story.

  3. maybe it was an up and coming actor practising a real Fringe event
    or maybe someone just having a bit of fun

  4. Maybe, but I doubt it.
    It was someone intoxicated on the tram.
    I had observed her at the tram stop and she was quite merry.


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