Dead chook

Someone was asking me the method of planting and caring for a bougainvillea.
An old Queensland farmer once gave me his method.

Here’s my advice:
Dig a hole and place a dead chook (with feathers) in the bottom.
Cover with soil to 4” (10cm) above the chook.
Insert the bougainvillea plant and back-fill the soil.
Make a water well around the plant.
Water weekly for two months and then forget about it. No more water.

Bougainvilleas thrive without water.
They don’t like getting their feet wet.
For the best flowering display, cut off the long branches and prune off the tips regularly. Let it get too much growth and there will be less flowers.

Years ago, finding a dead chook was no problem. It’s a bit harder these days.
I suggest that you discuss it with friends who keep chooks for eggs. Ask them to save a chook when it dies.

If you really can’t get a dead chook, then the alternative is to go to your butcher and buy an ox heart or liver.


  1. Couldn't you just add a couple of handfuls of blood and bone?

  2. Yes you could, but a dead chook sounds more dramatic.
    If you use blood and bone, then add a few feathers.


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