A Pommy measure

If any team beats England at cricket, then all Australia celebrates.
We just like the Poms to get beaten.
And what a beating it was by Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup.
The Poms are packing up, ready to go home. Cheerio boys!

There's often talk about the degree of assimilation of migrants in Australia.
The successful assimilation in Australia by Pommy migrants is when they barrack for the Australia cricket team and express delight when England gets beaten. When this measure is achieved the Pommy migrants can then be considered true Aussies.
By this measure, the $10 Pom (Unley Councillor) Mike Hudson makes the grade and is a true Aussie. He loves it when England gets beaten.


  1. If Mike Hudson had landed in and lived in Victoria, he would have become an AFL supporter and a more true Aussie.
    I understand that he prefers rugby to AFL.

  2. Yep, a good Aussie Pom should support the Aussie team.


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