Robotic road rage

Recently the Premier of SA announced his vision of driverless cars cruising the streets and roads of our State.
It’s certainly a bold vision, but I wasn’t aware that the technology and more importantly the required road-side guidance infrastructure was mature enough and ready to be implemented.
Realistically, I don’t think that we will be seeing driverless cars for 10-15 years.
I could be wrong, but it won’t be within 5 years.
An interesting concept is what will happen to road rage?
Will it decline when the road ragers know that the other car is just a robot?
Or will it escalate and people pick on the robots?
How will the robots be programmed to deal with road rage?


  1. I hope the driver-less cars don't get hacked (or get a virus) and become road ragers.

    1. An interesting thought.
      We all get malware on our home devices from time to time.
      I am sure it will happen.
      How will insurance companies handle driver-less cars? Will we be covered against malware or a virus that results in an accident?


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