Indian frenzy

The Cricket World Cup ‘kicks’ off this Sunday, with India vs. Pakistan.
The local Indian community in Adelaide is in a frenzy. It seems that they all want to go to the match. They will pay whatever for tickets.
The online ticket sales were a disaster. No-one could buy tickets during the allotted time.
At work, a distraught Indian colleague approached me and asked for help to get tickets. What to do? I had to help him. He believed that I had contacts; that’s how it is in India.
I am sure that it was all legal and above board, but I managed to get 2 tickets from someone who was, shall we say, unable to attend (using those tickets).

Last night was the big bash welcome to the Indian players at the entrance to Adelaide Oval. There were activities, food venues, opportunity to meet the players etc. I expected 1,000s to attend. My Indian contact says that there were only 200 (+ politicians) there. Sounds like something went wrong, very wrong with the planning.
The Indians didn’t know it was on.

I was curious as to why the Government welcome was only for the Indian cricketers and didn’t include the Pakistanis.