Hidden joy

I was having a look through my wine rack recently and discovered a few bottles of 2002 Rose. I'd forgotten about them. I remember buying them 10+ years ago. I was up in the Adelaide Hills and visited a tin shed winery off the beaten track. I bought some Rose. From memory, there were paintings by local artists on display (and for sale) on the walls.
Here's the wording on the label ...
SPOEHR CREEK, Adelaide Hills, 2002 Rose
Spoehr Creek, a tributary to the Onkaparinga River in the Mt Lofty Ranges is home to the endangered fish species the Mountain Galaxias. Spoehr Creek is working to restore the creek system to preserve the species.

There is also a picture of the impressive looking fish.

Maybe the label and fish enticed me to buy the wine.
It used to be common to see such labels on wine bottles; reflecting proud local heritage and enticement to the customer.
Who wouldn't buy a bottle to save a fish?
It's not common these days.

My verdict on the wine?
An excellent aged Rose refreshing on a summer day.
Thanks to the modern screw cap the wine had retained its freshness.
I was pleasantly surprised.


  1. Yes, I found some hidden treasures poking around under the bed and in the cupboards.
    Wines I had bought years ago.
    It's always a surprise.


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