Good carbon

With all the concern about temperature rises and climate change, it is interesting to hear from another expert.

Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace wrote an article on carbon published in The Australian, 24-Oct-2014. It was titled We need more carbon, not less. The groups advocating less carbon were encouraged to have a cold shower and a rational rethink.

The author suggests that we should review carbon levels over a longer time-frame, rather than just since 1860 when we developed the technology to measure global temperatures.

It needs to be remembered that plants (and plankton in the sea) need carbon to survive. They love the stuff. It is their food.

Another authority, Dr John Gladstones has spent his lifetime analysing the climate and climate change. He agrees with Patrick Moore that our atmospheric carbon dioxide has been in a downward trend over the past 150 million years.
Back then the CO2 level was 3,000 parts per million (ppm).
At the start of the industrial revolution the CO2 level was 280ppm.
Today the CO2 level is 400ppm.

I was surprised to learn that today glasshouse growers inject CO2 into the glasshouses to achieve a crop yield increase of 50-100%.
Patrick Moore advocates more CO2 in the atmosphere to achieve more food grown for human and animal consumption. He asserts that the optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is 1,500ppm.

An interesting read. Now all we need to do is increase the CO2 without the usually associated smog and fine particle pollution. What we need is an increase of clean CO2.

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