Berry bad berries

It is outrageous that Aussies have become infected by hepatitis A by buying frozen red berries. Frozen berries that all Aussies believed were from Australia.
Instead we learn that the fruit is sourced and processed overseas.
Experts have advised that the problem is due to poor sanitary habits of the foreign workers; most probably due to inadequate hand washing after being to the toilet. Hepatitis A results from contact with faecal matter – no question. The style of toilets in use by the workers may also be adding to the problem. Then there is the disgusting fact that raw human sewerage is often used as a fertiliser for crops in China.
Enough is enough!
We should be buying Aussie grown and Aussie processed berries.
Be prepared to pay a little more per pack; it beats the risk of  getting hepatitis A by ingesting foreign faeces.
A buy Aussie food campaign must be initiated. To be successful, we just have to pay a little bit more. It would inject a huge boost to the economy.

ps So much for the concept of creating a Northern food bowl to feed Asia. Asia is already feeding us their berries; berry bad berries!


  1. I will never again buy frozen berries.
    I didn't know that they were imported.

  2. disgusting and so sad.
    we should be buying local
    there's a fantastic range of berries coming from Tasmania

  3. annoyed that there is inadequate information on the packaging to know where the food is from and where it is packed

  4. it's sick to think that people were getting sick by eating traces of poo


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