7,000 trees to be pruned

Over the next few months, 7,000 trees across Unley will be heavily pruned.
They will be pruned by SA Power Networks (SAPN, formerly ETSA).
It is a legislative program about which Unley Council has no control.
From past experience there will be heavy pruning and disfigurement of the trees. Some trees may not survive the pruning.
It has to be done and we can't intervene.

Here is an extract from a memo sent by the Administration to Unley Councillors ...

SAPN plan to undertake a legislative vegetation clearance program across Unley in coming weeks. In some areas significant impact to the visual amenity of the city’s trees is likely. Administration is working with SAPN to mitigate impacts as much as possible, including in field monitoring of the works. However, it is still expected that in the order of 7000 trees will be pruned. These works will occur between mid-April and end of June 2015. Before the work commences we will be notifying residents via a variety of media forms.