Dove face

I have a family of spotted doves living in and near my back yard.
Actually it's a rather extended family. The number of visitors seems to be increasing.
I would prefer to have the Australian native top knot pigeon visit, but it's spotted doves.
They get fed with mixed seeds each morning and if they're lucky again at dusk.
A couple are quite tame and walk up to me, totally unafraid. They sometimes come near me to escape when others are aggressively chasing them.
Two years ago I climbed a ladder to peer inside a nest. There were two feathered chicks peering at me and I'm convinced that my face formed a bonding image; just like a duckling adores the chicken hen that hatched it.
Since then, these two birds see me as a friend and are totally unafraid.

It's nice to be loved.


  1. They say that baby birds will bond with anything, anyone, any image - so don't feel too special.
    Nice story though

  2. I note that the xmas grog hasn't really worn off yet!!!!


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