Peacharine chutney

I was devastated.

The weather had been alternating between hot and raining.
I probably had not been giving the fruit trees enough water.
A large branch (half the tree) of my peacharine tree snapped and fell to the ground.
It was loaded with good sized fruit that would have ripened in 1-2 weeks.
It was looking like a good season for stone fruit.
Last year was a poor crop across Adelaide.
I left the branch where it had fallen.
After 2 days I decided to pick the best of the fallen fruit and make a batch of spicey chutney. I used the same recipe as for my green tomato chutney, just much less brown sugar. Despite the fruit being green inside the chutney brewed into a golden peachy colour.
That's how I spent last Sunday afternoon; helped along by a beer beside the cutting board and the cricket on the TV in the background.
If it weren't for that fallen branch I probably wouldn't have made peacharine chutney this year. It was an opportunity that had to be explored.

The taste test scored a rating of 8.5/10.
I may enter a jar for judging in the Royal Show in 2015.


  1. That's a rather low score for you.

  2. Yes it is.
    I marked myself down knowing that it will improve with age

  3. I hate to see fruit wasted.
    Good on you.
    A jar please.

  4. I will email my address and you can pop around with a jar.


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