Emus in the outback

Last week I was up at Andamooka for a few days.
Took my son to noodle for opals.
On the way up, it rained for 60 seconds just south of Pimba.
15km from Andamooka we slowed because of a mob of emus beside the road. Dad emu was going walkabout with 10 large chicks (20-30cm high).
And then, the serenity of the outback was shattered.
There in front of us, on a sign warning of kangaroos was an election poster.
I was devastated. I had gone bush to escape city life and take a break and unwind after the recent Council election. There was no mobile phone connection, very few amenities and yet on a sign post on a hot wind swept plain was an election poster.
I took a photo and headed for town and a cold beer.


  1. How do you know it is a Dad emu?

    1. Mum emu lays the eggs and then departs never to be seen again.
      Dad emu sits on the eggs and then raises the chicks.
      He looks after them for quite some time.

  2. How did you get so close?
    Surprised they didn't run away.

  3. Zoom on the camera.
    They were 200m away and Dad emu was heading off quickly.


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