25% max votes

Back on 9th October (blog title Ho Hum) I forecast a lower turn-out of voters for the Council election in Unley. I forecast a maximum of 25% with some Wards in the low 20s.
At close of yesterday, the votes received were an average of 21.74% across Unley.
One Ward higher, most in the low 20s.
By Friday when voting closes, the average will not exceed 25%.
That's my forecast.
Is it apathy? No, just representative of the inclination of the wider community.
Is it a lack of care for Local Government? No, just little interest.
Should we respect the wishes of the people. Yes. Absolutely.
Should we oppose the push by the mayors of Prospect and Adelaide for compulsory voting?
Yes. Absolutely.
They are totally out of touch with what the people want (on this matter).
Leave it as it is.
I fully support voluntary voting.
Perhaps it should be extended to voting in Federal and State elections.
The LGA (via its President and Mayor of Prospect) should not be advocating for compulsory voting when they haven't consulted with the voters across the State.
As a resident, I haven't been consulted. Has anyone?
Let's reflect on the % who vote (and importantly the % that don't) and respect the wishes of the people.
It's time to take a reality check.


  1. Totally agree.
    I'm with you on this.
    No one has consulted me.
    The LGA didn't write to me.

  2. No point forcing people to vote.
    You will get a rubbish vote or an informal.

  3. Who is the mayor of Prospect representing on this matter.
    Me or the residents of Prospect.
    He hasn't contacted me before forming his opinion.
    Is he representing Prospect or the LGA (and all Councils)?
    I'm annoyed. If he calls me I'll give him my thoughts.

  4. agree.
    don't force people to vote.


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