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How to vote in Goodwood (in the Unley Council election)?

By now, most people who intend voting in the Council election should have made up their minds.
However, if you are doubtful then I ask that you consider supporting me.

It's a strange election this year.
4 candidates in Goodwood.
2 are doing very little (at least they seem to be doing very little); they seem to be rather inactive.
There is a reliance on a few posters on poles without any more substantial information available.
Posters are being ripped down by residents offended by the visual pollution.
For the record, I have not erected a single poster on a pole.

I'm busy distributing my election material and door knocking and catching up with people on the street. I'm listening to their concerns.

If you still haven't voted, then I urge you to ...

Vote 1 Bob Schnell
Put Bob in Box 1

Your voting paper should be posted by Tuesday 4th November to meet the delivery deadline of Friday 7th November @ 5pm.

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  1. I have given you box 1 Bob.
    It's hard picking number 2


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