Ho Hum

I’ve been out and about talking with locals and I forecast that it’s going to be a rather low key, ho-hum Council election.
The voter participation was expected to be about 30%, no higher.
I reckon it will be way down, perhaps as low as 20-25%.
Voters know that it is not compulsory. They know there will be no fine for not voting.
They are also tired of voting.
There was the Federal election followed by the State election 6 months later.
Now, 6 months later there are Council elections.
The difference is that this time, they don’t have to vote.

Another factor is that there isn’t a Mayoral election. Mayor Lachlan Clyne got elected unopposed ie. not one person stood against him.
If there is a Mayoral election, then that usually pumps up the voter participation by around 5%.

Meanwhile, all is quiet on the Goodwood Ward front.
No-one is distributing leaflets. Everyone is keeping their powder dry. No candidate wants their magic words to appear on another candidate’s leaflet.

This year I will NOT be erecting signs on stobie poles.
They are seen by most as visual pollution.

They achieve little other than annoy people and muck-up the streetscape.


  1. I will be voting.
    I always do.
    However, my partner never does.

  2. a bit sad that only 20-30% of people vote.
    then again, perhaps it is best that those who don't want to vote don't have to.

    1. If they don't want to vote that's fine.
      No point forcing them.
      It would result in more donkey votes and those with less quality ie. votes cast without a meaningful reflection of the merit of each candidate.

  3. What is a donkey vote?

  4. A donkey vote is when you vote 1, 2, 3, 4 ... straight down the ballot.
    It is a vote without any thought.
    It is a vote without consideration for the merits of the candidates.
    It is a wasted vote.
    Unfortunately the person on top gets a small advantage through the donkey vote.

    Vote wisely, Vote 1 for Bob Schnell.

  5. Very sad that some people do a donkey vote.
    Why do they bother?

  6. I hate those signs on the stobie poles.
    And some awful looking candidate has erected a sign on the stobie in front of my home.
    I fell like ripping it down.
    It's not a good start to the day when I see it.

    1. Normally they use their best looking photo.
      You can't (or shouldn't) rip it down.
      It's illegal to interfere with an election poster.
      Why not contact the candidate and ask him/her to move it.
      I have not erected a single poster.
      I find them to be a form of visual pollution.
      They are usually erected by candidates with little public profile.
      Then again, I have noticed that many of the current Councillors have signs on stobies.
      When others have them up there is huge pressure to match them.
      I have resisted the urge. Trust me, there has been an urge.


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