Why blog?

Why blog? Many people ask me that question.
Blogging allows me to provide information on matters that interest me.
Some stories are Council related; most are not.
I enjoy reflecting on my observations.
When I started, I committed to make the blogs interesting and to add a bit of spice at times. I've covered a lot of distance in a relatively short time.

With the Council election approaching, take the time to skim through the blog and get a feel for the author. You should be able to determine a lot about my character, my personality, my sense of humour, my integrity, my achievements ...
Should he remain a Masterchef at home or should his apron strings be cut so that he can join the next Unley Council? That's the question I hope you will be able to easily answer.

Enjoy reviewing my blog over the past 9 months.

When the postal ballot packs arrive in your letterbox in late October, I ask that you reflect on what I have achieved and ...



  1. Cut those apron strings and get back on Council.


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