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This week I had a letter published in the Eastern Courier Messenger.

I’m annoyed that they removed two sentences and I'm sure that it wasn't to save space.
Here is the full version …

I may not be popular with some of my fellow Unley Councillors, but I believe we need to review the IT equipment provided to Elected Members (and funded by the ratepayers).

Currently Councillors receive a telephone line, a fax machine, a notebook PC, software, an iPad, a colour printer, a modem and an Internet service.
That is excessive and unwarranted. I use my own PC, software and printer funded by my modest Council allowance. I have never requested a PC or printer.

I have asked the Unley CEO to review the list of equipment available to Councillors. We need to do that now, prior to the election. That may need a policy revision.

Some Councillors may squirm at the suggestion, but let's face it - during the approaching Caretaker period, they will not be permitted to use Council assets for election purposes. They will need to use their own IT equipment at home.

The savings will enable another street to be paved.


  1. Bob is on the money here. Whilst it is available however not all elected members take up this opportunity.

    I for one have the iPad only. I looked at those other pieces of equipment or software etc and simply, it was inconvenient to double up on what I already have.

  2. Surely Councillors and the Mayor should use their allowances to fund computers.

  3. I agree with the idea of cutting IT costs for Council.
    The list is just too long.


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