Save Warren

There is no chance of saving Urban Myth, but there is a big push to save Warren, a play that has been in the pipeline for 2 years. Fifty youth performers have been working on Warren. They deserve to have their dream realised.

Urban Myth has folded due to failure of its business plan.
It would seem that its move from a humble home in Unley to the big lights at the big theatre in Goodwood was not well planned. In the end it was a bad decision.

I urge you to contribute to the Save Warren campaign on Pozible.
So far more than $4,182 has been raised and there are just 8 days left to reach the $7,250 target.

Tickets to Warren can only be purchased through the Pozible campaign.


  1. The donation tally is now $5,782 @ Thursday @ 4:58pm

  2. The tally is now $6,472 @ Friday @ 7:30am
    Nearly there!

  3. $6,686 @Saturday @ 8:30am
    The tally is growing, now slowly.
    With 6 days to go I am sure the target will be reached.

  4. A fantastic outcome (so far).
    $9,197 pledged @ Thursday @ 5pm
    Almost $2,000 over target!
    The show will go on.


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