Friendship Cake

Herman the German Friendship Cake

Ten days ago I was given a starter mix of Herman the German Friendship Cake by Councillor Mike Hudson. It came with instructions on how to feed and nurture over the next ten days. It was a gooey and bubbly mix, alive with a base of yeast.
It sat on the kitchen table (as instructed) and grew each day. On day four it needed a feed. On day nine it needed another feed.
On day nine it was divided into four portions and three are set aside.
Three are to be given away as starter packs, hence the name of a Friendship cake.
On day ten fruit and spices are added and the cake is baked.

The result? Excellent.

If anyone is interested and wants a starter mix, then let me know.
A bonus - the starter portions can be frozen and started at your convenience.

I reckon the starter mix will make an excellent base to make a 36 hour sourdough bread. I'll experiment this weekend.


  1. shouldn't you be out door knocking rather than baking bread?

  2. I've already started door knocking.
    It's a matter of life balance and finding time to bake bread.

  3. Why not give away starter packs when you are door knocking?

    1. No. I think there are rules prohibiting giving gifts to potential voters.

  4. It's a wonderful concept.
    Extending friendship by sharing cake.
    Reminds me of the ginger beer plants where you divided and passed on the brew to others.

  5. The bread was good. A nice texture.
    But there was too much sugar from the starter brew.
    Like most good things in life, to get it right you must experiment.


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