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I was fascinated by news of a study by University of Adelaide of monitoring drugs in the sewerage system. It’s quite an innovative approach to mining sewerage data.
The drugs detected (and passed by people at the toilet) show alarming increases, especially with methamphetamine (ice).
There are differences between types of drugs used in the country vs. in metro Adelaide.
Samples were taken from 15 sewage treatment plants across South Australia and tested for traces of ecstasy, methamphetamines and cocaine.
There is increased use of methamphetamine over the weekend.
Methamphetamine was the drug of choice in the city, while country people preferred ecstasy. Cocaine was last on the list everywhere.
I’m curious about the stated intention to develop a biomarker to determine how many humans contribute to the flow (of data). At the moment, there are only estimates of the population size served by each sewage plant.
I’ll try to flush out more information about how the biomarkers work …

Meanwhile, here are some links for more general information …


  1. A fascinating study.
    I wasn't aware they could detects drugs this way.
    The results are a concern.

  2. It's a real reflection of society today.
    People being tested and totally unaware.
    When you drill down into the statistics, the increase in drug use is a concern.

  3. Now I have concern about the recycled water being pumped back to Unley and used on the ovals and in the parks.
    How will the plants respond to the cocktail of drugs?
    Will the plants get addicted to Ice and Ecstasy?

    1. A good question.
      I will find out.
      The water also is used in the Virginia area to water the vegetable gardens so I hope that these crops (that we eat) are not affected.

    2. I put the question to the Council Horticultural section.
      It seems to be the toughest question I have raised.
      I'll get back when I have an answer.

  4. It might be a wee problem

  5. I'm glad that SA has a desalination plant rather then using recycled water for drinking.
    I don't want to be drinking all those hormones and drugs.


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