Tweet free election

The Council elections are held every 4 years.
This year the election result will be declared in early November.
Postal votes will be posted in late October to every person on the electoral roll.
Same process as last time.

What is different this year is the mountain of legal requirements to which candidates will have to adhere ... and we're told that authorities will get tough.
A tough call with approximately 1,000 candidates across the State.
Using social media will be awkward, very awkward. Every tweet, Facebook/blog post, email, youtube, sms etc. will have to include the full authorisation details: position sought, name, address, who authorised it, who wrote it and how it is published - roughly 100 characters. If you're tweeting then you suddenly find that you've run out of characters with nothing much to say. The tweets and Facebook posts would be rather boring.
It will cause the social media savvy candidates a lot of grief.

These are the rules to which we must adhere.

What annoys me is that such constraints don't apply to candidates at State and Federal elections. The State Government sets the rules and limitations for Councils and constraints for Local Government candidates.
I feel that it should be a level playing field.

... and don't get me started on postal voting.
The process of voting should be the same for all 3 tiers of Government.
Bring back the polling booth at the local school or church hall.

By the way, I have decided to nominate again for Councillor, Goodwood Ward.
This is the position I currently hold.
Goodwood Ward includes the suburbs of Wayville, Goodwood, Forestville and Everard Park.


  1. I would like to see a return to voting at the booth, down at the school.
    It's good for the local economy. People shop more in the area and it's a boom for fund raisers.

  2. I look forward to the tweet free period.

  3. Heck, these restrictions will make it real hard for a candidate to campaign.
    They really do a good job on discouraging potential candidates.
    I have been considering nominating for the Unley Park Ward.
    Can we meet for a catch-up?
    I'll send you an email.


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