Tossing snails

As a local Councillor I've had a few interesting requests for assistance from residents in Wayville, Goodwood, Forestville and Everard Park.
Last weekend I was contacted by a local who I'll call John.
I visited John and heard his story.
His neighbour was doing what many people do viz. collecting snails from the backyard.
Usually they squash them or dispose of the snails by some other means.
Instead, the neighbour was tossing the snails over the the side fence and onto John's manicured lawn.
John wanted me to do something about it.
He wanted the Council to intervene or perhaps get the Mayor onto the case.
I explained that it was a civil matter and neither the Council nor the Mayor would be able to assist.
I recommended 3 courses of action:
1. Talk to the neighbour about the matter. No, he wouldn't do that.
2. Buy a couple of ducks to free range in his yard. Ducks love snails. No, he didn't want any ducks. He didn't want duck poo everywhere.
3. I had left the best option until last. Do nothing and the snails will go home back to the neighbour's yard.

Did you know that snails have an inbuilt 'GPS' and can navigate back to their home territory from a maximum distance of 10-15 metres?
Slugs (snails without shells) have similar navigation ability.
Further, they don't need their slime to navigate home. They use it mainly to expend less energy.

I must catch up with John and see how his snail problem is going.
Hopefully the tossed snails have returned home.


  1. I have often wondered how snails find their way home each night to their log or rock.

  2. Interesting. I thought that they used their slime trails to find their way home.


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