Sweet soil

The key component of gardening is getting the soil right.
It varies suburb to suburb, street to street and back-yard vs. front-yard.
For the enthusiast, why not consider attending a workshop to learn the secrets.
Here are the details (extracted from an email I received) …
Understand your soil to make a good garden great
No two gardens have the same soil profile. Understand how soil works to unlock the secret to great gardens at the Botanic Gardens of South Australia’s The Answer Lies in the Soil Master Class on Sunday, 7 September.

Join expert gardening columnist and consultant Malcolm Campbell in this practical, hands-on Master Class to learn about:
·         soil pH, nutrient buffers, water quality, salinity, nutrient uptake, local deficiencies and remedies
·         soil types and textures and how to identify your soil profile
·         the best resources to aid home gardeners
·         potting media and caring for potted plants.

The Answer Lies in the Soil is part of The Australian Centre of Horticultural Excellence 2014 Master Class Series. For more information please visit tache.sa.edu.au or call (08) 8222 9311 to secure your place.

The Australian Centre of Horticultural Excellence is an initiative of the Botanic Gardens of South Australia in partnership with TAFE SA. The Centre delivers high quality horticulture training through the educational expertise of TAFE SA and the horticultural knowledge and world-class collections of the Botanic Gardens.