Resthaven @ Wayville

Now that site works are under way, residents have approached me to ask what is happening on the former Annesley College site.
Annesley College was located on the corner between Rose Terrace, Bartley Crescent and Greenhill Road @ Wayville.

Here are some notes on the development:
Applicant is Resthaven.
The construction of an office complex, part two and part three storeys.
A total floor area of 2691 square metres.
A two way internal driveway, with provides access and egress from Bartley Crescent and Greenhill Road.
A basement comprising 58 car parks with a 6m wide ramp parallel to Bartley Crescent, 16 bicycle parks, a lift, stairs access and a rainwater tank.
40 car parks at grade plus 4 bicycle parks.
Landscaping for the whole site.
There will be plant rooms on top of the building.
A 1.1m high fence along Bartley Crescent and Rose Terrace.
Buffer zone along Rose Terrace.
The 3 storey part of the development is 13.75m high.

One resident objected to the development.

Here is a link to the report which was presented to and approved by the Unley Planning Committee (DAP).
DAP Report