Private Glasshouse

Over the weekend I was out delivering WatchSA (Neighbourhood Watch) newsletters in my area. I found an elderly woman sitting in her car reading the newspaper. She had backed the car out of the garage, wound the windows up and enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon winter sun.

I remember it was something my parents did. Actually you should try it. It is a pleasant way to read the paper and escape the outside world. It's comfortable and the steering wheel provides support for the newspaper. It's your own private glasshouse.


  1. I also enjoy sitting in the car reading the paper on a sunny day.
    It's warm and cosy and away from everyone.
    The dog likes to join me.

  2. One of the simple pleasures in life.
    I sometimes retreat to the car to escape the pressures of the household.
    I take a book with me.

  3. One of my weekend activities.
    So nice.

  4. My dad sits in the car and reads the paper on the weekend.
    It's his way of getting away for a bit of privacy.

  5. It is pleasant to sit in car in the sun and read a book.
    I take a thermos of tea with me.

  6. Helo Bob i am woory because i put dog in the car on saterday as it was nise and sunny but it looked very sick when i took out. How long do everyone sit in the car. is 4 hours to long

    1. You are meant to sit in the car with the dog.
      That way if you start to feel uncomfortable then you'll know when the dog is distressed.
      I suspect that the dog was sick when you put it in the car.

  7. I felt like sitting in the car when I received my latest rates notice from Unley Council.


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