Passion Pop

A few weeks back, I was the keynote speaker at a youth gathering in Everard Park.
Actually, I'm romancing a bit.

It was my son's 21st birthday and I had to give a speech.
We had 70-80 youths around to celebrate the event.
I was instructed what beverages to buy. On the list was Passion Pop, a sparkling fizzy sweet wine based drink. When trying buy some, the local bottle shop informed me that the manager had banned it because they didn't want to tarnish their reputation. After some negotiation, it was agreed that they would order in a dozen.

21 years ago I bought a case of vintage port to keep until my son was 'of age'.
That was what we did back then. It was traditional.
Times have changed.
I opened a bottle to try on the night. Surprisingly, the cork was in very good condition.
The vintage port was absolutely superb. I would say that it has many years to go.

At a 21st it is tradition for the father/parents to give a speech.
I prepared some speaking notes for my speech a few days in advance.
I reviewed them during the night so that I could do it 'off the cuff' without any notes.
Late into the night, the time had come and I had an inspiration and screwed up the prepared notes and gave a speech from the heart.
It ran for 15 minutes and was themed on then and now, the clash of traditions back then vs. the expectations and customs today eg. Vintage port vs. Passion Pop.
I had nurtured the bottles of vintage port for 21 years only to find that it was not suitable for the palate of today's youth. (In fact, many of my friends have not had the joy of a good vintage port passing their lips.)
Given the attention of the gathering, I pursued the idea that as they grow and mature and their attitudes and priorities change, maybe their palates will move on from Passion Pop and maybe one day embrace a good vintage port.

I've left out a few more juicy references made on the night.

It was a good night and the Black Forest cake from the Village Baker at Black Forest was excellent.


  1. Bet you tried some passion pop on the night

    1. Pop was full of passion, but I didn't try the Passion Pop.

    2. I would think that too much of Passion Pop would take the passion out of pop.

  2. I hope you weren't seen buying the passion pop ;)
    I know your dilemma. My daughter asked for passion pop for her 21st. Her friends drink it.

  3. Passion Pop is a fav with my daughter and her friends.
    It's cheap and not high alcohol.
    Then again, it is a bit too easy to drink with the high sugar content.

  4. Leave passion pop alone.
    I enjoy it on nights off with my friends.

  5. Passion Pop is great. $4.00 per bottle and $3.50 if you take the empty back to place of purchase.

    1. They are probably collector items.
      I wasn't aware that you got 50 cents back.
      I put my bottles in the recycle bin.

  6. I must confess that I buy Passion Pop for my wife and friends.
    They love the stuff.
    Whatever makes you happy ...


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