Ice Cream kills Orangutans

The Adelaide Zoo is suffering from a heated social media war that has erupted over the Zoo’s decision to switch ice cream brands – from palm oil free SA company Golden North to Streets which uses palm oil in its products.
Golden North made the decision back in 2009 to stop using using palm oil.
It seems that the Zoo simply made a commercial decision and went with a cheaper deal with foreign owned Streets. This is despite the Zoo stating in the past that it would not sell any products made from palm oil. At the time, the Zoo also stated that unless immediate action is taken Sumatran Orangutans could be extinct in the wild within 10 years as the production of palm oil increases to meet consumer demand.

It’s very sad that the Zoo has made this decision.
That decision, which encourages production of palm oil will result in more forests being felled, more Orangutans dying and being killed, more Orangutan orphans and a faster path to their extinction in the wild … the irony being that there will be greater responsibility for zoos to maintain breeding stocks. This will be totally useless because there will be no wilds left.

For more detail, here is a link to a media report. Click here

Visit the Golden North website and read about their commitment to being palm oil free.

My assessment is:
  • Well done to those waging the media war against the Zoo and Streets
  • I will never again buy Streets ice cream or other products
  • If I visit the Zoo I will not buy an ice cream
  • I will never again buy Streets ice cream
  • I will do all I can to promote Golden North


  1. It is so sad that the Zoo has taken this stance.
    I hear that Golden North eliminated palm oil from its products and supply chain specifically at the request of Zoos SA.
    No more Streets ice cream for me.

  2. I am disappointed that Zoo SA has put financial concerns ahead of environmental ones.
    So sad!
    It sounds like there needs to be a management change at the Zoo.
    I won't be going back in a hurry.
    And I certainly wont be buying any ice cream.

  3. As Zoo struggles with it own sustainability this act may be the trigger to break it's back. I too heard that Golden North went down the palm oil free path was at the instigation of the zoo.

    I too agree with your assessment Bob.

  4. No Streets ice cream for my family

  5. A sad decision by the Zoo.

  6. Yes, I will still go to the Zoo.
    No, I won't be buying ice cream.
    And I will never again buy Streets ice cream.

  7. This will result in the death of more orangutans.

  8. Golden North Yes.
    Streets, no way.

  9. I will never again buy Streets ice cream.

  10. No more Streets ice cream for my family.

  11. Now I will only buy Golden North.

  12. I must say that I am with you on this issue Bob.

  13. Never will I buy Streets again.
    It will now be Golden north.

  14. Angry. Very angry with the Zoo.
    I agree that more orangutans will die as a result of the decision to switch to Streets.

  15. Goodbye Streets.
    Hello Golden North.

  16. I hear the Zoo is having an emergency meeting.
    And so they should.
    Senior management needs to be turfed out.
    They need to switch back to Golden North.

  17. I have received an email from Golden North.
    They are appreciative of the massive support from the people across SA.
    I think there will be a lot of people switching off Streets ice cream.

  18. Fantastic news. The Zoo has bowed to public pressure and is doing a deal to allow Golden North ice creams to be sold at the zoos. Regrettably, it will involve a deal allowing Streets to also sell its ice creams.
    I know which brand I will be buying.
    Golden North is streets ahead as an ethical company.


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