Finger Wave

Recently I took a short break in the outback.
I travelled to Andamooka with my son for a few days.
It's along drive, but a rewarding reality check on what are the real priorities in life.
My son drove part of the way.
I taught him to give a finger wave to oncoming motorists.
Actually, the type of wave is rather personal and there is etiquette involved.
Usually one finger, palm side facing the traffic.
Two fingers (together) is ok.
Never the thumb.
The whole hand (four fingers) is ok, but don't wave like the Queen as you'll look like a goose (and a novice).
Just a brief flick of the finger or hand.
Timing is important. You don't want to be waving after they do.
It looks clumsy if you're a late waver.

I've noticed that these days, truckies generally don't wave; they probably only wave to other truckies. Also, many women don't wave.

However you do it, look like a seasoned waver.

I taught my son about that invisible line. You only wave after you have crossed it.
Travelling north, that line is about 50km from Port Augusta.
If you travel to Kangaroo Island, you start waving straight off the ferry. KI motorists are keen wavers and more women wave there.

It's expected. It's Australian. So in the far north, give a wave. It also helps to keep you alert.


  1. I travel the far north.
    You're right, the wave starts about 50km north of Port Augusta.
    Down the SE there's not much of wave. Same on the way to Melbourne.

  2. It's just so Australian! And it has to be in the outback.
    I wonder if they do it in other countries.


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