Put dog poo in green bin

Here is some breaking news about dog poo.
The City of Unley now permits and encourages placing dog poo in the green organic waste bin. In the past it has not been allowed.
You are encouraged to place all pet waste (including pet hair, kitty litter and dog poo) in the green bin.
Mix it in with lawn cuttings, prunings and leaves.
The only down side is the lingering odour so wrap it in newspaper or a compostable bag.
Do not use a plastic bag in the green organic bin.

Warning, do not put dog poo in a home compost bin.
It doesn't generate sufficient heat to kill bacteria.

For more information visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/WasteAndRecycling


  1. Thanks for the tip.
    I have been bagging it in plastic and putting it in the blue bin.
    Now it will go in the green bin.
    Good to hear that kitty litter can also go in the green bin.

  2. I guess this will cause a stink!!!

  3. Wrap in newspaper or use a paper bag and the pong is not that bad.


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