Deer Council

The month long South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival has started.
Unley plays a pivotal role in promoting SALA.

As a promotion for SALA I was asked to don a white deer mask at a recent Unley Council meeting. It made the night that much more interesting.
See the attached photo.
I was joined by Councillor Peter Hughes and Mayor Lachlan Clyne.

The initiative of white deer masks is the brainchild of filmmaker Chris Warman.
He has been roaming Adelaide and asking people on the streets to wear a white mask and be photographed. So far, no-one has declined.

ps off to the side, out of view sits Councillor Anthony Lapidge with his white deer mask. He's from a different herd and didn't want to sit with us.


  1. It would have been one horny night for you guys.
    Was there any stag fighting.

  2. a wierd but wonderful idea.
    it certainly got me thinking about SALA

  3. luv it
    council should have a dress up for each meeting. spice it up a bit

  4. This sort of thinking will really spice up SALA if it flows through. Is that you on the left of the Mayor?

  5. I am the one without my winter coat.

  6. Where is the rest of the Council members?
    Were any female Councillors involved?

  7. No other Councillor participated.
    There were 13 white deer masks available.
    Unfortunately, none of our female Councillors wanted to be a deer female on the night.

    1. I'm disappointed that the female Councillors didn't participate.

    2. To be fair, all of the Councillors were invited to participate.
      There were 13 masks.
      Some of the male Councillors didn't participate.

  8. Sounds like a real stag night

  9. How many women are on Unley Council?

  10. There are 2 female Councillors.
    Denise Tipper and Jennie Boisvert.


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