Carbon Tax Refund

The advertiser reported on the carbon tax and challenged Unley Council to refund the 'tax' collected.
Absolute nonsense.
Unley simply monitored the impact of the tax and made up for the impact.
Cr Don Palmer has provided a good account.
Read his blog here.


  1. So we won't be getting a rate refund?

  2. No.
    Unfortunately the article in The Advertiser was incorrect.

  3. What are you doing to me?
    I went to Grumpy's blog and you sent me back here by a link and now you're sending me to Don Palmer's blog.

    1. I try to get everyone off Grumpy's blog by redirecting them back here.
      I sent you to Councillor Don Palmer's blog because he provided the best account of the complex carbon tax issue.
      There was no point in me reproducing his explanation.


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