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I have decided to run again as a Councillor for Goodwood Ward in the City of Unley Council elections to be held in Oct-Nov 2014.
With the elections approaching, I thought I should declare now whether or not I was running.

I noticed in the media today that there is a statement that I issued.
The media comment was …

UNLEY councillor Bob Schnell will re-run in Goodwood ward against high-profile candidate Gill Hicks in the November council elections.

"I am encouraged by support given to me by residents in Wayville, Goodwood, Forestville and Everard Park," Cr Schnell said.

It’s amazing how the media has presented the news as me running against Gill Hicks. Isn’t it the other way around? The reality is that come the election all candidates will running against the others.

In Goodwood Ward (and all other wards across Unley) there are 2 positions of Councillor.

As one of the current Councillors I have worked hard over the past 4 years and have runs on the board and I want to keep batting.

Here is the link to the media article.


  1. That doesn't surprise me.
    I wish you well. Keep on hitting runs

  2. As always, you can put a sign on my front fence at election time.

  3. only the last 4 years?
    I wish you all the best.
    There's always a scone and hot cup of tea for you when you next visit to hear my latest gripe.

    1. Always love your scones.
      You often have a list of gripes.
      I'm pleased that we are able to sort out many of your problems.

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    1. The comment by Rupert was deemed to be inappropriate.

  5. Goodwood Ward has always had one female Councillor.
    Unfortunately the same is not true for other Wards across Unley.


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